Meanwave is developing the next generation of Power Quality building blocks based on Sensorless control®, Cloud connectivity and AI to improve your power supply.

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Welcome to Meanwave. We are a leading provider of high performance building blocks, services and premium solutions for electrical power efficiency and power quality for demanding industrial and commercial customers. Our vision is to become the leading innovator in electrical power efficiency, preferred by our customers due to the passion and deep knowledge of power quality and systems design that we offer and that marks the success of the solutions we provide over any competing offerings.

The challenge: Industrial and commercial users do not fully enjoy high efficiency or benefits of stable power quality due to that modern energy generation, conversion and demand is becoming more dynamic, distributed and complex, leading to instability, losses and disruptions.

Our mission is to help our customers manage the complexity and constraints of their electrical power demand by providing easily implemented, intelligent, and reliable innovative technologies and solutions to reduce energy consumption, remove disturbances and increase power efficiency in real-time. Helping them reduce costs, downtime and increase value of their operations. Every day.

The investors and the team behind Meanwave include some of the leading experts in the power quality industry with over 60 years of combined experience.

We decomplex Power Quality

Technology for the next generation of power efficiency products.

To meet the power quality challenges of tomorrow and deliver breakthrough solutions for even greater enhancement in energy-efficiency and simplicity, we invest strategically in game changing technologies for the science behind power quality. The benefits of our unique Sensorless Power control® approach combined with AI and IoT Connectivity will render smarter algorithms for load and power analysis leading to highly flexible power quality solutions that maximize value and are ready for tomorrows demand.

Sensorless Power® and Sensorless Control® are registered trademarks of Meanwave GmbH in Germany and other countries.

Solutions for Power Quality

Our offerings are empowering customers across the world to reduce cost of low power quality and improve productivity and value creation in their networks. The current portfolio consists of Power conditioner products and systems, Custom power efficiency solutions for LVDC and energy storage/peak-management, and world class expert services.

Power conditioners

Our PQi family of modular power conditioners offers unprecedented functionality and performance for targeting low frequency and supra harmonic power quality challenges in any application with a minimum of install and setup.

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Custom power solutions

Our customised power solutions provide grid-clean and efficient conversion solutions for applications in LVDC and energy storage.

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Our experts are able to help with Power Quality analysis, troubleshooting and site planning for demanding network requirements.

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If you are not certain you will see a change in solving your power quality problem, we have an offer for you!

Try our PQi ACTIVE, by renting a mobile unit at a low cost a few days or weeks for a test installation*. Or book a demo so we can show you how it works at your site with our mobile test unit.

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*Currently only subject to single units of 100A at 400VAC and available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (other countries on request), and on terms offered and availability. In some areas provided by Meanwave partners or resellers. Please contact us for details.

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If you want to be part of a world-leading team developing the next generation of power quality technology on full-time, part-time or student basis, we love to hear from you.
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Are you planning research for your degree at BSc, MSc or PhD levels? Then we might have an exciting research challenge for you.
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